The next generation of Haitian leadership that heals and empowers communities through yoga and sustainable development

According to Samuel, age 21, a Nouvelle Vie youth leader: “It’s in
sharing and in taking responsibility that we become someone very
powerful, someone who can truly help. It’s my dream that my country is
no longer a country that is waiting for everything to come from the
outside, but a country that can produce for itself, a country that
truly invests in its youth. That is what I want to do. That is my
responsibility. That’s why I’m taking responsibility for changing my
country. “

Unlike the millions who are waiting for aid and solutions to come from
the outside, Nouvelle Vie’s Haitian youth leaders have been serving
their own people and creating local solutions since before the
earthquake. Since April alone, Nouvelle Vie’s youth leaders have
provided effective trauma relief for 2,850 Haitian earthquake
survivors, including rape victims, orphaned children, and youth from
Cite Soleil, Haiti’s most violent slum. They have taught 400 orphans
and urban communities how to grow their own food and have developed
food gardens and vermicomposting systems that can sustainably feed,
repair soil and manage waste.

“Nouvelle Vie has a name that explains it all… It’s a new life that
enters, that knocks on all the doors of the houses of Port au Prince.
We, Nouvelle Vie, bring a new life into everyone’s thoughts, their
hearts.” Jackyto Azemar, Nouvelle Vie youth leader, age 21, Cap

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    The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish
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