"Since Nourish America, great improvements in my children's academics & behavior and no colds or flus!" Puma, Queens, NY NOURISH AMERICA

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We provide healthy foods & nutrition to children & families struggling with hunger, poverty - markedly improving health and wellbeing.

Since 1999, Nourish America (nourishamerica.org) has improved the quality of lives of children and American families in need - by giving them the foods and nutrition their bodies need to feel stronger and to become more resourceful to improve their own lives.

In our daily programs, we bring nourishing foods and vitamins to children and families who struggle with hunger. Much of our food is organic, natural and GMO-free. All of it is healthy and life-enhancing because most families living with hunger are malnourished.

Remember the last time you came down with the flu...that achy fatigue, depressed, fuzzy brain, nautious feeling? Many people who live with hunger feel like that nearly every day.

As a result, children can't focus and do poorly in school and in sports. Parents have difficulty finding the stamina and the clarity of mind to take the necessary steps to help their families.

Good nutrition can many times quickly eliminate these symptoms. Minds think clearly again; depression disappears; stamina returns; optimism emerges; confidence strengthens.

Your donation to Nourish America allows us to give financially challenged familiy a hand-up when they need it most.

Does it work? Parents and teachers of children in our programs report improvements in energy, sleep, behavior, grades, and self-esteem.

"Before Nourish America, I never got an 'A'. Now I get all 'A's' and I'm going to be a doctor." Michelle, 6th grader living in a public housing project in Washington, DC.

Donate Today! Help more children. We'll make good use of your hard earned dollars. Over 97% of each donation goes directly to programs. Only $10 FEEDS One Hundred!

Make your impact. Give NOW!

Nourish. Thrive. Succeed.

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