Help tornado victims & emergency workers with essential supplies and healthy foods. Join us. 97% of your donation goes to relief.

Nourish America ( gets healthy foods and essential supplies directly into the hands of disaster victims and emergency workers when they really need it.

Renowned for locating and serving those who have been overlooked by FEMA and large relief organizations, Nourish America's disaster relief is award-winning and has earned many honors including from the Texas House of Representatives.

Our unique on-the-ground relief network brings disaster victims essentail supplies including nourishing foods and vitamins to help them handle the trauma of their personal challenges and to give them addded strength to face the tough road to recovery.

“In the worst hit areas, our team could see a veteran all alone who was cleaning up a massive amount of debris, now the remnants of his home. He was clearly a very proud, self-reliant man who had just lost everything. He was bravely trying to keep it all together, all by himself. When our team walked up to him and handed him one of the boxes of energy bars and other supplies, he was dumbfounded that people, strangers cared enough to help. He just stood there, looking at the box and wept. One of the members tried to console him and told him if he needed more supplies, he could just come to the warehouse and take with him whatever he needed. He tried to say thank you, but just couldn’t. He was sobbing too hard to speak. Thank you again for the protein bars, vitamins and supplements. There aren’t words to describe how much it meant to these people.” Chris Neisant, Destiny Christian Church, Oklahoma

Please Donate Today. We'll make good use of your hard earned dollars. Over 97% of each donation goes directly to programs. Only $10 Feeds One Hundred!

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