Goodwill Globetrotting is about making a difference one tiny gesture at a time. Small or big be a part of the solution.

I was on an overcrowded train, tired, and hot from my travels in South East Asia when I noticed an elderly woman near me standing. I asked her to take my chair as I stood up and moved toward an open window. A man, about my age, who had no shoes and tattered jeans watched me give the woman my chair. He didn't seem to know the woman, but he gave me a friendly smile as he pulled an unopened bottle of water from his bag and insistently handed it to me.

As I looked in his eyes, I saw someone who could have easily been me. I saw that this man and I weren't any different. As I looked out the train window, I watched as the beautiful landscapes gave way to sights of extreme poverty. I had this intense feeling overwhelm me. Poverty represses the human spirit. Poverty steals the world of human potential. Poverty is the greatest threat to peace!

My heart grew so heavy as I reflected on the state of our world. How could that gentle man be relegated to a life of destitution for no reason other than where and when he was born. I say when because I know that together we can make poverty a thing of the past.

Co-Founding Goodwill Globetrotting has forever changed me. I'm on an unending journey to harness the good in life. Whether I'm finding resources for cancer paitents, painting an orphanage in Peru, volunteering in Australia, or helping an elderly woman to a chair on a train, I will always follow my heart! I don't have a choice. Why do I do these things? Because, I know that I'm not alone. Everyday I'm inspired by the kindness of people around me. I know we can do this. If we join forces we can take these humanitarian issues on and fight back!

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