We only have a few more days left! Please donate to help us bring Nora & Katie to WildCat Haven! Make a Difference for these two tigers!

OHMYGOODNESS, EXCITING NEWS! The Lindgren Foundation in Washington State has pledged to MATCH each & every dollar up to $5000! But we only have through Monday May 21st! That means we need your help now more than ever! Please donate and help us reach this match giving us the opportunity to raise $10,000!

Since the tragedy in Zanesville on October 18th, 2011, where a private owner released his 56 wild animals, committed suicide and 49 of the animals were shot & killed, the Ohio Legislature has been busy drafting a bill that will ban exotic animal ownership so this tragedy can never happen again.

In March of this year we got a call from Tiger Paw Exotic Rescue Center in Ashland, Ohio. Denise Flores, the Founder of Tiger Paws, asked if WCH could take in two of her tigers.

Worried she wouldn’t be able to meet the requirements of the new Ohio bill, she started researching accredited sanctuaries & found WildCat Haven in Oregon. As a true sanctuary, we are NOT open to the public & we NEVER buy, breed, sell or exhibit our animals.

Denise knew WCH could provide a safe, lifetime home for two of her youngest tigers, Nora & Katie. As you can imagine, bringing two tigers from Ohio to Oregon is not an easy thing to do, but we could see how committed Denise was to finding the best home possible for Nora & Katie and we agreed to help.

Nora, was born at Sam Mazzola’s. Living in a small, filthy cage, her first year consisted of being chained to a box so she couldn’t move, while people sat next to her and had their photo taken. When she got too big for that, she was used for breeding, having cubs that were taken from her before their eyes were even open and sold to the general public. This was her life for eight years, living in a 10x10 ft. cage with a male tiger, terrified, starving, with no hope . . . but all that changed on July 10th 2011.

Sam Mazzola was found dead at his residence. Authorities were called and new homes were found for his animals. Nikita and Nora, two of Mazzola's tigers were placed with the Flores. Nora arrived at Tiger Paws 70 lbs. underweight. She was in terrible shape but Denise Flores worked diligently to help her regain her health.

Katie’s story isn’t as tragic as Nora’s, but still sad. She was born at Tiger Paws seven years after her mother, Ticha was rescued. She was born with a defective valve that prevented her from digesting food.Thankfully with intense vet care, the valve was repaired and Katie never looked back! Today she is a healthy, active tiger.

It hasn't been easy for Denise Flores to make the tough decision to place Nora & Katie, but she knew WildCat Haven would be able to give them both a home for life, with spacious habitats, wholesome food and lots of enrichment to keep their minds & bodies active and healthy.

We’ve finalized the plan and will leave for Ohio at the end of May. With gas prices the highest they’ve ever been, the round trip distance of 5000 miles is going to be expensive.

The new 2000 sq. ft. enclosure for Nora will be complete but material costs alone are over $10,000. We are also making some changes to an existing enclosure to accommodate Katie & she'll will have over 3000 sq. ft of space to run & play! Add in the cost of the transport trailer ($4500) and this becomes our most ambitious rescue yet! We know it won't be easy but we're determined to make Denise & Nora & Katie's dream come true :)

We are asking for your help to raise funds for this trip and be part of bringing Nora & Katie to WCH!

Together we can make a difference for Katie & Nora! Please make a donation today!

WildCat Haven is a 501(c)3 sanctuary for captive born wildcats. Accredited by the American Sanctuary Association we are a lifetime home for the rescues who come to us, providing wholesome, nutritious food, the best vet care, spacious natural enclosures and enrichment for each and every one. As a true sanctuary we do not buy, sell, breed or exhibit our residents.

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