Noor Theatre is dedicated to supporting, developing and presenting the work of theatre artists of Middle Eastern descent.

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Creating community around art is simple and powerful. Inspiring change through that art is possible. We have seen it happen, and we need your help to continue on this path.

Thanks to our supporters and audience members, our inaugural production of Food and Fadwa was a groundbreaking success. Our hope was that by presenting an entertaining moving story featuring characters with characters with humanity and nuance we might be able to shift perceptions and create a more meaningful dialogue. Audience response affirmed our belief. We received many messages from people both happy to see their stories on stage, and still more from people who confronted their own misconceptions as a result of our work.

Who We Are

Noor means “light” in Arabic and Farsi. Noor Theatre responds to the imperative for positive representations of people of Middle-Eastern descent. Our goal is simple – to champion the stories, cultivate the artists and develop the audiences that will raise the cultural dialogue to a more intelligent and humane level. Through our readings, productions, and public speaking we are having an impact on not just the artistic landscape, but the social and political as well. Learn more and sign up for our newsletter at

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