Growing the sweetest beard in the history of the world during No Shave November to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House

Throughout history the Beard has accomplished great and awesome things. Facial hair in all its grandeur has stopped wars, discovered new lands, sailed the seven seas, and ruled with kindness and compassion for generations. Over time though, the Beard’s status among society’s elite has started to wane. That is about to change, neigh the world demands that it changes and to accomplish this the Beard is about to embark on an epic adventure. The Beard is going to use the greatest celebration in the known galaxy, No Shave November, to raise 1 Million dollars (or what I can get in a month) for the Ronald McDonald House and the great work it does for families with sick children. I am going to not shave for an entire month and bring the Beard into all its masculine glory to serve as a beacon of hope in these desperate times. I will also be raising an army of other Beards to help in my quest so please donate to a very worthy cause or if you are manly enough to risk great danger and peril join what will be the single greatest event in human history. I will be posting regular updates so please check back often and donate again and again, but please only look at a portion of the Beard at a time as to gaze fully on all of its splendor would surely cause irrevocable damage to pleasure center of your brain. Thanks and all hail the Beard!

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