Funds raised go to individual fellowships or projects in the most marginalized social & geographic areas of India

General circumstance in life has allowed me to get exposed to and influenced by the ideas of some of the finest minds in India from diverse spheres of activism, journalism and governance, many of whom I met through India Friends Association. I hope you take a moment to learn a bit about these acclaimed activists and donate to an organization I passionately support. Given below is a list of leading voices from India that IFA currently supports or has previously supported in the form of
a) Fellowships for activists themselves or candidates recommended by one of these leaders.
b) Projects led by one of these leaders.
c) Creation of joint force in India to collectively counteract misgovernance, poverty and corruption

Public policy and Lawmaking:

Aruna Roy: RTI campaigner, NREGA proponent and so much more than words can describe:,28804,2066367_2066369_2066499,00.html

Arvind Kejriwal : RTI movement and Lokpal bill campaign

Environmental Activism:

Ravi Chopra: Interview

S R Hiremath: Environmental clean up and corruption exposee

Women and Society:

Madhu Kishwar: Women’s empowerment and Society


Dr H Sudarshan: Tribal rights and public-private partnership to resuscitate Primary Health Center

P Sainath:
The man is incorrigible, irreverent, indefatigable and incorruptible

Anti-lobbying and anti-corruption:

S R Hiremath: Corruption and exposure - Mining in Karnataka

Chunni Kaka: 92 year old Noted Gandhian and fighting numerous battles for land rights in Gujarat especially against notable cement powerhouse in Mahuva region.

Electoral reform:

Trilochan Sastry: Academician Activist

Disclaimer: IFA neither makes a claim of agreement with each and every aspect of its partner’s opinions/activities nor does it influence its partners in any way.

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