Please help me in my efforts to support The Michael Lisnow Respite Center!

I ran my first marathon in March 2012. It was a huge accomplishment and something I will never forget but there was something missing. The missing piece was running for a cause, running for something bigger than myself. I am dedicating the 26.2 miles of the 117th Boston Marathon to The Michael Lisnow Respite Center. This organization provides support for individuals with disabilities and their families. Since joining their cause, I have been continually impressed and awed by the dedication of the volunteers and families at the Respite Center. The organization provides support and social experiences for disabled individuals through programs including adult daycare, afterschool care, summer camp, and weekend overnights. I am fortunate in that I do not have any friends or family members who require special assistance. However as my grandparents have aged and become sick, I see how taxing their care can be on my family. Seeing just a glimpse of the work that is required to care for loved ones brings even more of an appreciation to the volunteers at the Center.

I am committed to surpassing my fundraising goals to not only ensure the Center can maintain their programs for current families but to also allow for greater participation. Seeing the joy on these individuals faces and their appreciation for our efforts is my motivation to keep running and keep fundraising!

Thank you all in advance for your generosity- it is certainly appreciated.



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