A wonderfully amazing and crazy group of friends is getting in shape to inspire, give hope and raise money for a great cause.

I am running in the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 26th to get in shape, inspire others to do the same and raise money for foster and at-risk youth in Placer County through the organization Child Advocates of Placer County.

About 18 months ago I fell in love with the sport of running. I always liked running, didn't really do it much but thought someday it would be cool to train hard and see what kind of runner I could be. It wasn't until two doctors told me I should never run again, after a car accident, that I decided would be a good time to do just the opposite and start training. It has been a wonderful adventure filled with lots of pain, cramps, a little puking but mostly good times with amazing people. Every time I get to run it such a wonderful gift and there isn't a day I go without thinking of what the doctors said "you should never run again".

My body has been getting stronger and I have been lucky enough to log two marathons since the accident. I am excited to get a third one under my belt, not only for myself but to inspire and raise money for an organization that I passionately support. Please support me on this adventure or better yet come join me!!!

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