Team Running for Cover is running the 2013 Boston Marathon to raise funds to support MFNE's mission of education, prevention and support.

Welcome and thank you for checking out my fundraising page. I am running the Boston Marathon in April 2013 for the Melanoma Foundation of NE's Running for Cover Team.

If you are on this page, you probably know me in some way or fashion, but you may not know the story behind how I ended up here....

After months and miles of training for the 2012 NYC Marathon, Hurricane Sandy devastated the area and rightfully so the Marathon was cancelled. With all the training behind me, and the confidence of knowing I was ready to run a marathon, I felt I had to and wanted to run another one soon. What better marathon to run than BOSTON! Since I don't run a marathon in sub-human times, I chose to run through a charity. I believe all things happen for a reason, and the NYC Marathon being cancelled has led me to this great foundation and cause that I otherwise would not have gotten involved with.

The Melanoma Foundation of New England is the charity I have chosen, and our team is called Running for Cover. Though it was nearly 50 years ago, and I never had the chance to meet him, my grandfather passed away from what was believed to be a form of skin cancer. Back then of course there just were not the means or medicine to detect properly or care for those cases. Much has changed, but melanoma continues to be a form of cancer that impacts many lives today. I run in memory of my grandfather that I never met because of melanoma, and I run to educate my friends, family, and myself about prevention. Prevention can be so easy, and early detection even easier in many cases.

Over the coming months, as I train, I hope to educate on melanoma, and in a small way reduce the chances of melanoma occurring as much as possible. Just since I have become a part of this team, I have learned so much and how naive I have been about only wearing sun screen at the beach (of course you need it there, but really need it so much more, including cold snowy days, who knew).

I ask for any amount that you feel comfortable with, and if you are unable to donate financially, any other help is greatly appreciated. Whether it being a running partner on a cold day, or just a Facebook post spreading the word or motivating me with a text message. I truly appreciate all the help, and know that your contribution will make an impact. Even a $10 donation can help get sun screen and lip balm into the hands of a class of kids that otherwise would not have it.

Since it's inception in 2006, Running for Cover has raised over $1 million to support MFNE. I am thrilled to be a part of this team for the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Help me cross the finish line by donating to my fundraising efforts. Together we can help reduce the incidents of Melanoma.


Nick Magnini, Team Running for Cover 2013

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