Valley Gives Day 2013 Results



Valley Gives Day 2013 Results


A look back at last year's results. We made history on 12.12.12

Our mission is to proclaim the good news of God's Real Presence in the world and his Unconditional Love for each of us.

In order to realize our mission, we attempt to create an environment (at our retreats and camps) where young people feel accepted and celebrated; enabling them to enjoy a positive faith experience, and inviting them to be in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As human beings, we are all made up of 3 things: mind; body; and soul. Young people have countless opportunities to exercise their minds and bodies, but most do not have many opportunities to exercise their souls.

Barry Kingston and Pat Sears have traveled Southern New England together leading youth events for the past 20 years. During that time, they have worked with over 90,000 teenagers at over 1,800 retreats. In addition, they have led 33 weeks of summer camp and have trained over 2,100 volunteers to help them lead retreats.

Most arrive with major walls up and very low expectations. Fortunately, the approach (using music, humor, small group discussions and prayer from the heart) works and hearts open. Once that happens, God is able to work in awe-inspiring ways and lives change.

We know that our time is not the same as God's time. We know it's not possible for every young person to experience an ah-ha moment during their time with us. But we also know that for some young people on EACH retreat, their lives will never be the same. When faith moves 12 inches from the brain to the heart, everything changes. Suddenly, it's not enough to know the answers or to go through the motions. Rather, the realization that living a Christ-like life means following His example. It means reflecting His light. It means judging less and loving more. In short, it becomes a way of life.

In order to follow Jesus, you must first know Jesus. It's hard to know Him unless you're in relationship with Him. Barry and Pat have come to know and love Jesus. They want desperately to help all young people to "exercise their souls" so they can have a positive faith experience in hopes that it will open the door to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

New Spirit started as a direct result of the Blessed Mother getting Pat and Barry's attention in the summer of 1989. Once she had their attention, she did what she always does ~ she led them closer to her Son. Our ministry efforts are consectrated to Mary.

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Our mission is to proclaim the good news of God's Real Presence in the world and his Unconditional Love for each of us.

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