Advocacy for ensemble theatermaking. Field-wide knowledge building and professional development. Promoting ensembles' sustainability.

A national coalition of ensembles created by and for artists, the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) links a diverse array of ensembles and practitioners to one another and the performing arts field, encouraging collaborations and knowledge building and dissemination. NET is committed to the advancement of the ensemble form and strives to bring about change in the world beyond ourselves through the transformative power of collaborative theater. We support bold artistic and civic experiments and aim to heighten the impact and excellence of ensemble theater.

ADVOCACY – NET organizes and promotes ensemble theatre making as a distinct element of the U.S. theatre, amplifying our collective voice for local and national impact.

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE -- NET commissions case studies, convenes our members, and offers professional development opportunities to enhance and share field knowledge.

SUSTAINING ENSEMBLES -- NET strives to secure the future of ensemble theatermaking by supporting the growth, health and survival of America’s ensembles.

NET has been instrumental in defining today's ensemble movement. Until the emergence of NET, ensembles spread across the map had no collective identity. In 1995, eight ensembles gathered for a preliminary planning process. By 1998, the same eight ensembles partnered in a two-year exchange project called the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET). The project continued to gain momentum. NET currently has over 200 members in 39 states.

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