Everyone knows living within a garden producing food, in a natural earth-based house smells, feels and looks and is: HEALTHY!

The fastest path to health is one where you laugh all along the way. We learned this working with native nations people while delivering earth home construction methods into Lakota, Nuhaulx, Brazilian and today many other nations where this basic earth house building method has been recovered and remembered as the most community-oriented builidng method available to agriculturally settled humans.

Proved useful even for the wettest climates, monolithic adobe homes have been carbon dated at over 1,000 years old with even its straw remaining intact. These beautiful, art inspiring homes have survived intense quakes in New Zealand and other places where the method has been showcased for centuries. Combining bioregionally appropriate food production garden and landscape/animal species recovery knowledge with village community building systems, we can re-organize our human populations one village at a time.

Using rejuvinating clay - stimulate bare feet while mixing, and praying while forming walls. A community inspiring process used by wisdom elders to celebrate life, conduct season affirming ceremonies and engage in low cost, lovely earth-houses. Produce wild-land guarding communities that are self-sustaining and economically and culturally independent.

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