“The NOSB made my palms sweat and my heart race, but the exhilaration of making your team and school proud, the fun I had, and all I learned, made it the coolest and most formative experience of my youth.” -- Caitlin Campbell, past Shore Bowl participant

The ocean and the marine life that inhabit it are central to our world. Despite this fact, young people in the U.S. have very few opportunities to study ocean science.

In 1998, the Consortium for Ocean Leadership established the National Ocean Sciences Bowl® (NOSB®), an annual academic competition that introduces high school students to ocean science and other science, engineering, mathematics and technology (STEM) related subjects and careers.

Our goal is to provide youth with an increased awareness and understanding of global climate and weather, ecosystem health, sustainability and resource conservation.

Each year, in preparation for the regional NOSB competitions, students learn about the ocean, biology, chemistry, geology and physics. They also gain exposure to - and preparation for - careers related to ocean science and STEM disciplines.

On average, approximately 2,000 students from more than 300 high schools in 34 states plus Washington, D.C. participate each year in the February and March regional competitions and strive for the chance to compete at the annual National Finals Competition.

Your support will help us raise funds for:

  • Scholarships for NOSB high school seniors participating in 2015 regional competitions who plan to study ocean science in college. In 2014, five students received $1,000 scholarships, which helped them continue their studies in such areas as aquatic science, marine biology, ecology and marine geophysics. Read more about past scholarship recipients here.

  • Expansion of the NOSB online game, the Ocean Sciences Quiz, which engages students, their siblings and families, and the general public in learning about marine science and the ocean’s impact on our world. Plans include adding 300 new questions by spring 2015 to broaden the available questions per subject area and across difficulty levels, making the quiz a stronger tool for NOSB teams preparing for competition. A more robust question database will also make the quiz a stronger tool for engaging the general public in ocean science learning.

Our goal between now and the end of the year is to raise $5,000 for the NOSB. Please consider becoming a part of the NOSB today through a tax-deductible donation. Any amount is appreciated!

Thank you!

The NOSB Team

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