National MOTTEP educates about the need for organ, tissue and blood donations among ethnic minorities in the United States.

Every day, more names are added to the list. These are the names of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends. And every day, 18 of these people will die.

The list of people waiting for organ donations continues to grow. But unfortunately, there is a critical shortage of donors – especially among minority communities. Thanks to the work of the Minority Organ and Tissue Transplant Program, the number of minority donors has doubled over the last 20 years. Founded by Clive O. Callender, MD, National MOTTEP has worked to increase the number of organ donors among minority communities through innovative outreach and education.

National MOTTEP® is the first national organization to identify a two-fold solution to the number one problem in transplantation - the shortage of donors.

  • Educating about organ and tissue transplantation leading to an increased number of minority donors
  • Promoting healthier lifestyles and behaviors to prevent the need for transplants

With your support, a mother may no longer have to spend several days a week away from her family in dialysis – because she has received a new kidney. A young man may fulfill his dream of becoming a surgeon – because he received a corneal transplant so his vision can be restored. Or a child born with a severe lung disease may be able to come off the sidelines and play baseball and soccer with his friends because he has received a lung transplant.

Together, we can continue increasing the number donors and decreasing the number of our loved ones who have to go onto the waiting list.

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