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The mission of NCCA's National Model United Nations is to advance understanding of the UN System and contemporary global issues through quality educational programs that emphasize collaboration and cooperative conflict resolution and prepare participants for active global citizenship.

Our programs provide a diverse group of informed students and faculty a forum for addressing global concerns in a "real world" context. Conferences address important issues including regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of the inner workings of the UN as students build skills in diplomacy and compromise.

Over 5,000 university students from five continents attended our conferences in New York City, Washington, DC and Lille, France in 2011-2012. This year, NMUN-International conferences will be held in Xi'an, China and Galapagos, Ecuador.

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    To advance understanding of the UN and global issues through educational programs that prepare participants for active global citizenship.
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