Let's end bullying, bigotry, and prejudice of all kinds together. Check out the ANYTOWN video to see what your donation will help support!

The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) is dedicated to fighting bullying, bias, bigotry, and racism and promoting understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures.

Through our various programs, like our youth oriented ANYTOWN camp, individuals learn about the significance of bullying and bigotry, how to better understand and appreciate others' points of views, and are encouraged to bond and share their feelings, ideas, and common struggles with each other.

Some Key Findings - From A Post-ANYTOWN Survey

  • 92% strongly agree that their words and actions can hurt people even if they are not meant to.
  • 98% believe they know how to deal with conflicts non-violently after ANYTOWN.
  • 87% strongly agree that as a result of ANYTOWN, they are more concerned about discrimination and prejudice at their school.

What Others Have Said After Attending ANYTOWN

"ANYTOWN is truly a community like no other and I am so beyond glad I had the opportunity to go!"

- 2012 Regional ANYTOWN camper

"I have learned so many tools from ANYTOWN but the tool that is the most important is self-confidence because it helps me gain respect and get things done to promote change and knowledge."

-2012 Regional ANYTOWN camper

"My experience at ANYTOWN has given me more insight into how different people see the world. I am able to look at things in a more broad sense and think about how different things in society may affect people who are different than me as well as similar to me."

-2012 Regional ANYTOWN camper

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