Working to improve the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families by providing education, support and advocacy.

NAMI Minnesota knows we are stronger together. This past year NAMI Minnesota staff and volunteers reached over 70,000 people across the state of Minnesota, connecting them with resources, education, hope, and each other. Together we increased public understanding of mental illness, reduced stigma and discrimination, improved access to services, and increased opportunities for recovery. NAMI is both a movement and a family: helping individuals and working together for systemic change.

“No one makes it through a serious illness by themselves. It’s true of mental illness as well. But together, we can make it.”

- Sue Abderholden, Executive Director

Together we make each other stronger. NAMI Minnesota hosts 64 volunteer, peer-led support groups, now including Young Adult Connections, a group for youth ages 16 to 20 who live with a mental illness. We hear from our support group members that, “it let me see I was not alone,” and “I have been able to make immediate positive community and personal changes.”

We come together to educate ourselves. NAMI provided 184 classes to over 8,000 professionals this past year, improving justice and school systems in our communities. NAMI also provides over 85 classes to more than 1,000 family members each year. Our new youth website,, helps connect young adults with important information and resources about mental illnesses.

Our annual state conference ( allows people to “…learn new information and new tools to try in life to stay physically and mentally healthy.” In addition, the annual post-partum depression conference and research dinner in partnership with the University of Minnesota provide the opportunity to share the latest research and knowledge about mental illness.

We walk together to reduce stigma. Despite the rain, this year nearly 3,000 people came out to the 2013 NAMIWalks to fight stigma and raise funds in support of NAMI Minnesota. NAMIWalks is the state’s largest anti-stigma event and brings thousands of people together every year to raise awareness about mental illnesses.

Together we realize our mission. NAMI Minnesota champions justice, dignity, and respect for all people affected by mental illnesses. Through education, support, and advocacy we strive to eliminate the pervasive stigma of mental illnesses, effect positive changes in the mental health system, and increase the public and professional understanding of mental illnesses by working together.

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