We want to encourage our students and families to serve, spread the word about the school, and raise $70,000 to improve the school campus.

We hope to achieve three important things through our Growing Through Service Campaign. First, we want all of our students to have a great experience serving others. Second, we want to make new connections and spread the word about our school. Third, we want to have a significant capital fundraising campaign that raises $70,000 to support our teachers and improve our campus.

Our school has been growing and getting stronger, but, but we need some more people to help with gifts in order to achieve some goals. We hope to raise enough funds for a mobile computer lab, as this will enable us to move classes out of the library and assembly room and give us some room to grow. We think we'll have a full high school next year with about 175 students! We grew to 165 in the high school and about 330 in the whole school this year.

We keep costs and tuition as low as possible. Tuition and facility rentals support about 90% of our costs, so we need donations to help with the gap.

My goal is to raise $750 for our school. If even just half of the families at our school raise this amount, our school will meet our goal and the campus will be improved significantly!

All donations are tax deductible.

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