My Birthday Fundraiser is an effort that encourages others to use their birthdays to support a charity or cause of their choice.

Starting out as a concept in 2009, one fundraising effort with a goal of $220 has turned into a nationwide effort to encourage others to use their birthday’s to make a difference.


This year, the goal is bigger than ever, but I know that we can rise to the challenge. The goal this year is $2,500 in the month of January. After corporate matching, this will allow us to provide 5 scholarships to first-generation, low-income students in Atlanta and New York City. Similar to last year, the Economic Empowerment Initiative, Inc. (EEI) will help distribute the funds in the form of $1,000 scholarships.

Over the past 4 years, your support has helped fund 5 $1,000 scholarships already through over 350 donations across 2 cities. Thank you again for your continuted support. Without you, this would not be possible. Together we have already changed the world, so let's take this mission of change to another level.

- Terrance "Big T" Rogers -


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