This summer I will play Paper Mario (N64) for 24-hours straight to raise awareness/donations for sick children through the power of gaming.

Hey pimps! It's MadameWario! Please join me for a super special event happening this summer live on I have partnered with and arranged to play Paper Mario (N64) for 24-hours straight to raise awareness and donations for sick children through the fierceness of gaming.

Video games have brought me such joy, and my wish is to spread that joy to others who may not have the same blessings as I do. From Saturday, July 28th, onto Sunday, July 29th, 2012 on I will livestream the one video game that takes me 24 hours to beat in honor of those who need support. Special guests/co-commentators will be present, as well as Gooba! is a non-profit organization that strives to help inspire and support sick children and their families. They use video games and consoles to raise money for medical research and to grant video game related wishes for children.

Check out for more information as to how you can help, where your donation goes, and how your donation benefits children in need. Tune in to my YouTube channel for more information, and thank you for your kind thoughts. You're fierce! -MW

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