Support research for better treatments for childhood cancer AND support me as I train for my first full marathon.

Four years in childhood cancer land has given me an honorary "momcology" degree. One thing I've learned: we need better treatments for our babies.

Seattle Childrens is poised to deliver just that, and your donation will support one of several innovative childhood cancer research projects leading to more CURE and less COST to our children's physical and emotional well-being.

Thankfully, the heavy duty treatments got rid of the cancer in our Zoe's body. But those treatments left behind lifelong side effects. We yearn for a clean break from cancer without the devastating consequences, and childhood cancer resesarchers are just about to make that a reality. The tipping point is now.

You can cheer me on as I train for my first full marathon by making a secure tax-deductible donation on this page. (Or feel free to send me a check made out to the Rally Foundation.)


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