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The mission of The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul is to foster a knowledgeable and vibrant appreciation of the art of film through a commitment to exhibiting the very best of contemporary and historical independent, local, national and international cinema to Minnesota audiences. In doing so, we inform our audiences about the cultures, histories, cutting-edge news and filmmaking artistry from countries around the world.

Film presentations are enriched with many opportunities for our audiences to meet and engage directly with local filmmakers and filmmakers from around the globe, as well as with the wide range of community representatives with whom we partner and collaborate.

Programming includes daily screenings, curated festivals and film events serving a growing membership base and diversifying audiences of 75,000+ annually.

The Film Society’s centerpiece is the annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival which is presented every April. The Festival is the largest spring arts event in the region, exhibiting more than 200 films from some 70 countries each year and drawing audiences of 40,000+.

The Film Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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