Sweet senior, Mr. Patches, was returned to ASB with extensive medical needs! Please help us give him the care he deserves.

Mr. Patches is a lovable senior cat pulled from the kill list by All Sentient Beings in 2010. He was fostered by a long standing rescuer and all was said to be fine until recently. The foster has fallen upon hard times and was reluctant to ask for help until her situatuion was dire. Mr Patches was recently returned to ASB in very poor health. He has been admitted and treated at City Veterinary Care in Manhattan several times, receiving care for a myriad of health problems. He has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and a cyst on his lung, and had a serious mouth infection requiring extensive dental work. Mr Pathces continues to struggle but we are comitted to restore his health and find him a loving home for his golden years.

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