The Brown Boi Project (Fiscally sponsored by MSC) works with young men and MoC women of color to build a new vision for masculinity.

With your support the Brown Boi Project is driving cutting edge Gender Justice work around the country. We train leaders from around the country through our leadership retreats; we’ve launched a pilot working with middle school bois of color; and now we are poised to bring this work around country.

Many of us see ourselves through the ways we are marginalized in society. Yet in doing so we miss our greatest opportunity for change. It is through the privilege we have—as a straight man speaking out about homophobia, masculine of center women speaking out on violence against trans women, queer men on oppression of women and girls, trans men on disability justice—that we truly discover power.

Leadership is about taking risks, BIG ones. It's not easy to own responsibility for privilege we didn't ask for or want. Yet we are building a community of leaders that are willing to take those risks together, creating a tipping point that has the capacity to become a tidal wave that shifts our culture for the better. Join Us!

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