We've increased our goal to $12,000 by midnight tonight. Will you help us out? Even a few bucks will make a real difference!

Mother Jones is having a one-day fundraiser, and we need your help—today!

We're trying to raise $12,000 by midnight to support crucial reporting on the Republican presidential candidates, income inequality, and the corporate takeover of democracy. Will you help us out?

As you know, our reporters are incredibly dedicated: They've recently braved pepper spray, gotten arrested, and spent weeks tracking down hard-to-reach sources. They only need one more thing to keep going: your support.

Will you help them stay on their beats during this important election year? All it takes is a small donation to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund.

If you want more unflinching, uncensored, unapologetic journalism, please give a few dollars today. You'll be putting reporters on ground and making these stories a reality. Even a few dollars will make a real difference. Plus, your donation is tax deductible.

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*NOTE: The Foundation for National Progress is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes Mother Jones. All donations to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund are conducted through the Foundation for National Progress.

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