Our youth group is walking every week together and separately in an attempt to go 1000 miles and raise $1000 for On Earth Peace

3000 Miles for Peace

… is people standing up to say that violence will not have the last word.

… is in honor of Paul Ziegler, a young man who planned to ride his bicycle across the country for peace, but never got the chance.

… says that we can make a difference – that we don’t need to accept how things are, and we really can build a more peaceful world.

This spring, people all over the country will be riding and walking and reaching out to raise funds for the violence-prevention programs of On Earth Peace. Here are a few examples of what this means:

• Inner-city youth have the chance to develop awareness and skills to face the violence around them with creative nonviolence;

• Children can learn at an early age what it takes to make peace, and can share their vision of a better world through public art projects;

• Community leaders have the support and training to develop effective violence-prevention projects in their neighborhoods.

These are proven, on-the-ground projects that make a difference in people’s lives.

The 3000 Miles for Peace campaign will raise $300,000 to undergird and expand this work. All funds raised will be placed in the Paul Ziegler Young Peacemakers Fund and will underwrite these peace-building efforts which were so important to Paul.

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