Will you partner with me as I lead a mission trip to South Africa, September 28 - October 13, 2013!?

A few months ago I was missing South Africa. I was thinking about some of my friends and how incredible it would be if they could experience South Africa too! And the impact they would make with their stories, gifts, and talents!!!

Then it hit me... Why not?

God has placed a big vision on my heart to organize and lead a very strategic team of incredible people to South Africa.

  • We will be working with, sowing into, and building up the Ignite coaches (nationals who go into the schools on a weekly basis).
  • We will be collaborating with the coaches in doing assemblies (primarily high school, but we will not exclude any intermediate schools that are really having challenges or problems). These assemblies include testimonies (especially that of overcoming/good choices/God's purpose and plan/etc…), possibly a time of teaching (this would be team members partnered with a coach and teaching about HIV/AIDS/STDs and saving sex), as well as music/dramas/youth interaction/etc…

This will be an amazing opportunity to pour into the youth of SA as well as build and develop relationships and bring strength to the Ignite Coaches work with these kids on a weekly basis.

With that being said, I would be so greatful if you could partner with me in any way as this vision unfolds.

Prayers and any dollar amount are so essential in this journey of being His hands and feet!

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