Funding supports the Conservative Yeshiva's Mishnah Yomit study program.

Mishnah Yomit helps us all keep the mitzvah of Torah Lishmah, study for the sake of learning. Set a fixed time to learn Torah (Avot 1:15) and fulfill this important precept by learning one Mishnah each day with the Conservative Yeshiva's Mishnah Yomit, prepared by faculty member Dr. Joshua Kulp.

Support Mishnah Yomit by dedicating a Mishnah in the name of someone you love, for a birthday, anniversary or yahrzeit. Dedicate a Mishnah with a donation of $36. You can dedicate a chapter of Mishnah ($360) or a whole Masechet ($1,800). In memory of a loved one, you may dedicate 30 days of Mishnah study for a shloshim ($1,000).

Dedicating an entire Seder of Mishnah ($3600) will ensure the continuation of this study throughout the cycle.

All donations support the Mishnah Yomit project and student scholarships to the Conservative Yeshiva. Your support ensures the continuation of learning for all students, here in Jerusalem and around the world, 365 days a year.

Please be sure to include your dedication as you wish to have it worded when you make your donation. All dedications will appear in the Mishnah Yomit posts unless requested otherwise.

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