Imagine a world in which women do not drink alcohol during pregnancy, and people living with FASD are identified, supported, and valued.

0-4-9; the message is simple. It stands for zero alcohol for nine months. High school students from the Students with Unique Needs Program in District 917 created this unique public awareness message to help spread the 049 message in their community. As the leading voice and resource on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Minnesota, MOFAS educates and advocates, that there is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy. Yet here in MN, over 8,500 babies are born each year with some level of prenatal alcohol exposure and possible permanent brain damage. We need to work together to change this.

There are very few things in life you can actually change. FASD is one of them. It is 100% preventable if women do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. We can prevent future generations from being affected by the many health disparities associated with prenatal alcohol consumption. Help MOFAS share the 049 message. It is time. Give today. Thanks for your support.

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