MJTC produces work with Jewish content and universal themes. Igniting your mind by touching your heart, even if you’re not Jewish!

Donations will support a professional theater that is unique to the Twin Cities, state of Minnesota, and the region. Nationally respected for work that has garnered 3 IVEY Awards as well as the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Arts Achievement Award, the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company is a small professional theater that provides experiences for which the youngest child through the oldest adult can be entertained by top area talent, learn about Jewish culture, and explore contemporary issues that are universal to people of all backgrounds.

MISSION STATEMENT: Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company ignites the hearts and minds of people of all cultural backgrounds by producing theater of the highest artistic standards. Rooted in Jewish content, our work explores differences, illuminates commonalities, and fosters greater understanding among all people.

MJTC is unique to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and region, currently in our 19th season of providing intimate, professional theater for children and adults from all backgrounds. Comedy, drama, and musicals entertain and educate, highlight the universality of our experiences, and promote tolerance in our world. Our general audiences are almost equally Jewish and non-Jewish. Our school groups are highly diverse and reflect the Minnesota community. Four programming arms support our mission:

- A season of productions includes summer, fall, winter, and spring offerings, with a holiday show that is geared for the youngest theatergoers and which also provides the only professional show about Hanukkah for families and school groups in the region. "I found this production literally stunning." Audience member on "Our Class"

- Doorways, our initiative of ongoing programs such as community forums, post-show symposia, panel discussions, written communications, and work with schoolchildren, all designed to open the doors to greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays MJTC presents and to deeper insights into the subjects and issues they address. “so fantastic…the panel was invaluable…a unique opportunity…wonderful” Teacher, Minneapolis, on "The Action Against Sol Schumann"

- Wellsprings, MJTC's initiative to develop new plays rooted in the Jewish experience that also illuminate our commond ground. “a play that needs to be seen for what it has to say" Star Tribune on the world premiere of "The Gospel According to Jerry"

- Our Ticket Subsidy Program provides steeply discounted ticket pricing for school groups. Each ticket for our holiday production is just $3 because our goal is to insure that all children may experience, learn from, and enjoy the cultural and professional theater experience of the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company. “Without you my kids would have missed this great experience.” Teacher, St. Paul

In 19 years, Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company has produced over 40 regional premieres and 5 world premieres. Our work is made possible by the extraordinarily talented artists that give so much, the corporate and philanthropic foundations that support our work, City of St. Paul and state legislated funds, and individuals such as you. “I’ve learned our differences are beautiful and wonderful and that some differences aren’t so different after all.” Audience Member

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