Increase public awareness, impact public policy and provide safety, advocacy and services to victims of domestic violence.

37 Minnesotans have been murdered in doemstic violence incidents in 2013.

Every year between 20 - 40 Minnesotans are killed in domestic violence incidents. Each one of these deaths has impacted the victim's family, friends, co-workers, faith community, neighbors. These deaths are a horrible tragedy.

In addition to the deaths, we know that 62,000 Minnesotans sought services from a domestic violence program last year. We also know that only 1 out of every 5 victims seeks services. So, there is someone in your circle of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors who is living with domestic violence.

You can be part of the movement to end violence. Every Minnesotan deserves safety and protection. You can act to keep every Minnesotan safe.

1. Donate Money.
2. Donate Used Cellphones.
MCBW collects used cellphones which are then cleared, refurbished and given to domestic violence victims. MCBW also receives a small amount of money for each donated phone. Collect cellphones and deliver them to our office.
3. Join the Live Violence Free awareness campaign.
Join the Live Violence Free campaign and display the flag/banner/sign each time there is a domestic violence homicide in Minnesota. Raise awareness. Go to to learn more about the campaign and to order your flag/banner/sign.

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