The Minnesota Budget Project is a trusted, credible source of analysis promoting sound budget and tax policy solutions.

The Minnesota Budget Project moves Minnesota toward a future of broadly shared prosperity where all Minnesotans have the opportunity to succeed.

We provide the research, analysis and advocacy that policymakers rely upon to develop policies that create that better future.

In the 2014 Legislative Session, we played a key role in convincing policymakers to increase the Renters’ Credit and Working Family Credit, which will bring greater economic security to hundreds of thousands of low- and moderate-income Minnesotans – and at the same time create a fairer tax system.

Other successes in 2014:

  • Working Minnesotans will continue to have access to affordable health care that meets their needs through sustainable funding for MinnesotaCare.

  • Minnesota will have a larger “rainy day fund” to weather future economic downturns (which we know are coming). We advocated for a responsible use of the state’s projected surplus that included an increase in the budget reserve.

  • Dramatic cuts to the estate tax were reined in. We were an important voice raising concerns that proposed deep cuts would have made the tax system less fair and put sustainable funding for key priorities at risk.

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