The Minnesota Budget Project is a trusted, credible source of analysis promoting sound budget and tax policy solutions.

The Minnesota Budget Project played a key role this year in making our tax system fairer, raising the revenues needed to fund our state's priorities, and ensuring that more Minnesotans have access to quality, affordable health care.

Our research, analysis and advocacy helped convince policymakers that 2013 was the year to reform Minnesota's tax system, end the cycle of budget deficits and raise the revenues needed to invest in a future of shared prosperity.

We saw some remarkable successes in the 2013 Legislative Session. Minnesota’s tax system is now more based on the ability to pay. A projected $1.1 billion deficit was erased without short-term solutions and gimmicks. The state will raise enough revenues to invest in all children entering school ready to learn, making college affordable, building a top-quality workforce and ensuring Minnesotans have access to affordable health care.

There is much more ahead, and your contribution today will make sure we continue to work for a Minnesota where all have the opportunity to succeed.

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