A month living on minimum wage to help combat youth homelessness. Could you live on a budget of $11 a day?

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My name's Phil Hodges. I'm a 30-something Brit living in San Francisco, where I work for a money management firm as lead researcher on a $6 billion investment fund. I earn a little more than the San Francisco 2013 minimum wage of $10.55 per hour (the highest in the nation), or $21,100 a year.

Throughout January 2013 I will be living on minimum wage. There will be a few practical constraints but I intend to keep these to a minimum. At the end of the month, everything I earn and do not spend will be donated to Larkin Street Youth Services, along with any other donations that I can squeeze out of supportive individuals and corporations.

Please consider making a donation here on my behalf. Larkin Street does amazing work with homeless, runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of 12-24, by providing street outreach and emergency shelter, primary medical care, transitional housing, and job training and scholarship assistance to get kids off the streets.

Every little helps. A $10.55 donation is the equivalent of one hour of minimum wage work (before taxes); $84.40 buys a day's work; $422 a week's; $1458 is a month of minimum wage work; and, if you're feeling generous, a $21.1k donation matches a year of minimum wage salary!

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