Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. SW Florida is home to over 202,000 veterans. According to the VA, as many as 1in 5 vets suffer from PTSD.

The Miles of Smiles Foundation is focused on treating post-traumatic stress and other mental disabilities/disorders using equestrian therapy. Equestrian assisted therapy is the use of horses in the evaluation and treatment of patients. It is an amazing therapy because the patient is not treated in the normal setting of doctor patient with questions and answers where the patient feels threatened or intimidated. The patient forms a bond with a chosen horse and based on certain interactions with the horse we can evaluate the patient and start treating them in a very unique way that has worked for thousands of patients especially our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are currently developing a 20 acre site in North Fort Myers which will be one of only three equine assisted psychotherapy treatment centers in Southwest Florida and we need donations to help fund this development.
The Miles of Smiles Foundation is named to honor a wonderful, loyal, faithful, friend, and son. Miles Doxie, born in California on July 01, 1988 and passed away on May 25, 2006 at the age of 17, two weeks before he was to leave for a career in the United States Air Force. Miles would have been at the age of many of the veterans that are now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and one can’t help but wonder what that experience would bring. Miles was looking forward to and proud of the opportunity to serve his country. He was to follow a long family tradition in both British and United States military services.

Fourteen days before his death he was awarded the “Most Likely to Become an Air Force Chaplin” award from his youth pastor at a service honoring the high school graduates at his church. Miles loved to share his love for God with those around him—it came naturally to him.

Southwest Florida is home to over 202,000 veterans. According to the VA, as many as one in five vets suffer from PTSD. 100% of your tax deductible gift goes to helping fund the the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programs at the Miles Ranch.

The Miles of Smiles Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity. Your gift to the foundation is tax deductible

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