I am running for the empowerment of orphans in Africa through the ZOE ministry project.

Marathon #3 is scheduled for December 8th 2013! Now that I run to help raise money for ZOE ministry, it's easy to listen to the alarm at 4:30am calling me to a long run. I'm told my dedication is admirable; however, when it is compared to the lives of orphans in Africa, it is nothing less than luxurious. I run with scheduled water and nutrition breaks but African orphans fight through every second of life with neither. ZOE ministry has empowered orphans to cultivate the land and change their lives to not only survive but to have the means and heart to help others. The orphans are no longer a burden to their community, and have taken on the role of being mentors to others. Please help me support ZOE ministry by making a donation in honor of my running.

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