MAARS’ primary function is to care for the flock at our shelter, The Landing. Approximately 90 birds call The Landing home.

MAARS' Mission is to care for birds, that due to mistreatment or reaction to captiviity, are not suited to an in home or typical shelter environment. MAARS provides specialized therapeutic care for all the approximately 90 residents at "The Landing" utilizing the extensive experience and dedication that the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and volunteers have working with the exotic captive parrots of many species.

WHO WE ARE: Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities) area of Minnesota, MAARS was founded in July 1999 to provide much needed services for captive parrots in the Midwest in cooperation with other organizations around the USA and worldwide.

WHAT WE DO: MAARS is the oldest and largest organization in the Midwest providing education, consultation, sanctuary and placement services for captive parrots. We are a publicly funded, 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Our first function is to provide the highest care to the flock at our sanctuary. Since we are not open to intakes, educating the public and people who already live with captive parrots about proper bird care is of the highest priority.

WHY WE DO IT: Many people don't find out in advance how much living with a bird will impact their lives before purchasing one. The result is a large number of displaced and/or mistreated parrots that require specialized care.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? MAARS is operated entirely by volunteers and funded solely through donations. It costs at least three dollars per bird and takes over 16 person hours per day to care for the flock at MAARS.

Here's one of their stories:

Karly came to us from an animal welfare confiscation by St. Paul Animal Control. In his previous home he was beaten with a stick and suffered multiple fractures, neurological damage, lost one eye and had poor vision in the other. His survival was uncertain, but thanks to the ongoing specialized care he receives and his amazing capacity for forgiveness, he spends his days destroying rope toys and is always ready to dance with volunteers. He loves to be sung to, get kisses on his cheek and have you whisper in his ear how much you love him.

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