In 2010, Midland Animal Services euthanized more than 4500 healthy, adoptable pets. A group of concerned citizens did something about it...

In 2010, the City of Midland Animal Services was forced to euthanize over 4500 healthy adoptable pets that had ended up at the shelter. Additionally, the number of pets being abandoned in the country was out of control. A group of citizens got together to find a solution to the problem and ultimately formed Midland Humane Coalition (MHC). In the process of determining how to raise more than $2 million for an adoption facility to house the animals, we learned about PetSmart Charities grant to build an Enhanced Adoption Facility and applied. Midland, TX (and the MHC) was one of 12 locations chosen in the United States to house an Enhanced Adoption Facility. November 12, 2011 the Adoption Facility officially opened and in the first year of operation, we were able to find homes for over 1000 shelter pets. We dream of a larger facility to find homes for more pets and ending euthanasia in our County. In the meantime, we will continue to finding forever homes for our pets, reducing euthanasia, and promoting spay, neuturing and microchipping for all of our adoptable pets! Come see us - inside the Midland PetSmart Store! Help us reduce the euthanasia rate; Help us find these pets forever homes by making your contribution now!

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