GlobeMed at Middlebury partners with Gardens for Health International to combat childhood malnutrition in Rwanda.

Who We Are // GlobeMed at Middlebury

GlobeMed at Middlebury College partners with Gardens for Health International, a nonprofit that works in Rwanda to combat childhood malnutrition. Together, we work to incorporate agriculture and education into the clinical treatment of childhood malnutrition.

Our Partner // Gardens for Health International in Gasabo, Rwanda

Gardens for Health International, founded in 2007, works to combat chronic childhood malnutrition in Rwanda, where 44% of children under 5 are malnourished. Instead of relying on food aid alone to remedy childhood malnutrition, Gardens for Health asks, "What if doctors prescribed seeds?", and aims to integrate agriculture into the clinical treatment of malnutrition. Their programs, which operate out of 8 existing health centers in the Gasabo and Musanze districts of Rwanda, consist of a home garden implementation program and a health and nutrition curriculum for enrolled families. Each year, 120 families enroll in Gardens for Healths' programs at each health center, so their holistic, community-oriented programs reach nearly 1,000 families yearly. Most importantly, Gardens for Health's programs are effective: 71% of children who enrolled in their program a year ago are now at a healthy weight. GlobeMed at Middlebury is proud and excited to partner with an organization that is providing long-term, effective solutions to the far-reaching and serious problem of childhood malnutrition.

Our Project // $20,000 to Strengthen Programmatic Capacity Building

The goal of our project is to fundraise for GHI’s capacity-building initiatives needed to support its comprehensive health center program. For the purposes of this project, categories of internal development will include financial systems, technology infrastructure and operations oversight. Investing in internal operations directly affects GHI’s ability to execute its program and successfully expand its programmatic reach. Budget items that are technically considered “overhead” actually have a direct impact on the quality of the programs GHI delivers, and therefore on the families combatting malnutrition themselves. Gardens for Health has recently expanded to four new health centers, a milestone that will require additional and large investments in overhead spending. Given the new internal operation establishment that that entails, we jointly decided with Gardens for Health that a project dedicated towards capacity building, through an “unrestricted” donation, would be the most effective for their operations on the ground.

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