The NODCC relies primarily on individual financial donations and membership dues to cover operating and program expenses necessary to respon

Michelle, now 25 years old, has and is still learning to translate our world into her understanding.

So fare she has outdone herself. Her ability to notice differences is remarkable. Places, faces and other people’s cars. She knows her movies by heart and knows exactly how fare to fast forward or rewind to get to her favorite spot,

Michelle's improvements went on the fast track once we got away from the teachers that wanted to make Michelle learn there way and found a school , quite by accident, that adjusted there curriculum to Michelle’s unique learning.

It is important to support NODCC so that parents have help when they fight for the appropriate teaching method of our Children.

The general public does not realize that our children can have abilities from being the neighbor next door, co-worker, or car driver in the car next to yours, to not able to talk and in a wheelchair. New parents and caretakers as well as seasoned once can always count on NODCC.

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