In the spirit of love, play and our students’ well-being consider supporting Playworks during this year’s “Share the Love of Play" campaign.

As a second year coach, my belief in the unique role of Playworks in schools is stronger than ever. I see everyday how much our programming increases student confidence and well-being. By emphasizing core values of respect, inclusion and community through play, the kids at my school gain valuable social skills while having a ton of fun.

The hard work of my awesome 4th and 5th grade Junior Coaches has especially been a highlight of this year. In addition to making recess great with their positive leadership, the JCs have come out to class game times to teach their peers. In an effort to bring conflict resolution beyond rock, paper, scissors to all students, my JCs and I developed a problem solving tool box and picked relevant cooperative games that they explained to other classes. Since the problem solving class game times, it has been a pleasure to see kids of all ages use tools such as talking it out with each other and stepping up and saying something if they see a problem. It made all the difference that it was kids teaching kids, rather than just me running the class game time.

Playworks has proven that recess is an untapped opprotunity to accelerate learning and health in elementary schools. As a result of having Playworks on campus, bullying significantly decreases, children are more physically active, and students return to the classroom focused and ready to learn. This impact is possible because of the great Playworks coaches that are energizing education for 15,000 students in 32 low-income elementary schools daily.

My fellow coaches, colleagues, and I aim to raise $32,000 during the month of February, the amount Playworks fundraises to operate in one school. Consider making a donation to support the power of play. And spread the love of play to your friends and family. Your support will help us succeed in this challenging economy.

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