Everyone deserves access to clean water! Partner with me to address water issues in Israel and Africa.

This year, I am on the Leadership Council in the North Peninsula Teen Foundation where we decided to focus on water issues in Africa and Israel. Most people throughout Africa lack the resources for clean water. In most communities, women have the job of getting the water from their local resource for the family. They spend more than half of their day fetching water for their families; most of the water sources take some time to walk to, and many times it takes a few trips to retrieve the necessary amount of water needed for that day only. The next day, they wake up and go through the same routine. In Israel, water scarcity has been a problem for years now and it is not getting any better. Lake Kinneret, one of Israel's main water resources is in danger of reaching the "black line," which means Israel will lose that water source and put the sealife in danger of being overthrown by seaweed. The NPJCTF will give 100% of your donation to organizations who help these causes.

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