SSCC Teen Missions is taking a group of 6 high schoolers to Saint Louis Senegal for 10 day missions trip in July of 2012.

Hello friends! Some of you may know that in 2009 I was fortunate enough to travel to the country of Gabon with SSCC Teens. It was an incredible experience and I've grown hungry for more. This summer I have another great opportunity to help those in need in the country of Senegal. We will be taking a team of high school students who will sacrifice two weeks of there summer to help the people of Saint Louis, Senegal. These people are very poor, uneducated, sick, and hungry. Our team wants to partner with the missionaries already on the ground to help build a vocational school for run-away children who have no education, food, or family. We want to help show love to the people of Saint Louis and bring them hope like they've never seen before! Please consider donating to this cause,we'll need to raise $2,400 dollars per person to cover air fare and accomidations. This is an awesome opportunity and those who know me know I love things that are awesome! Thanks!

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