Fighting to save the lives of two kidnapped children. Become a partner with us and help.

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After weeks of waiting, Sarah’s door was kicked in. The note she scribbled to the investigator on a piece of currency which said, “Please rescue me,” finally got answered!

Sarah was originally found by a team of investigators in a brothel in South East Asia, several days after her virginity was sold. She was a scared fifteen year old girl in a foreign country.

She could not speak the local language, was kept under close watch, and had no access to a cell phone or any communication from the outside world. She had been slipped illegally across borders by a system of traffickers. It has become a global highway of modern day slaves.

Thanks to a lot of hard work by the team of investigators, Sarah was rescued and now has a hope and a future.

It’s hard to believe, but stories like this are all too common in many places of the world, even today.

For Hope and Freedom

We’ve teamed up with The Exodus Road to save the lives of two children like Sarah.

The Exodus Road is a nonprofit organization fighting to rescue helpless children who have been sold as sex slaves in South East Asia.

For $1400, The Exodus Road’s team of covert operatives is able to rescue one child trapped in a hopeless situation.

Giving Hope

We’ve decided to join the fight and are raising $2800 to save the lives of two kidnapped children. You can become a partner with us and help give hope to two children.

The fundraising campaign runs from December 3, 2012 through December 25, 2012.

See the suggested amounts and how we’ll personally say thanks on the left on this page.

Together, we are opening doors for the future of two children.

Thank you for your help! Hope, peace, and life to you!

- Michael & Claudia

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