The fund supports the cancer community in MN by funding research, prevention, treatment and other cancer community needs.

The Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund [RSCRCF] supports the cancer community in Minnesota by funding research, prevention, treatment and other programs relating to its cancer community.

What makes this Fund so unique is that less than 10% of the monies raised are spent on administrative costs, making it one of the most efficient uses of your charitable donation.

Help fund worthy cancer fighting and community supporting activities. Join our team in supporting Minnesota's cancer community and cast your "VOTE" for the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund with a donation today.

Some of the organizations/projects funded by RSCRCF grants:

Miracles of Mitch Summer Camp
The RSCRCF facilitated 40 campers to attend Camp Courage, a camp for children battling cancer. It allows the children and their siblings to participate in normal summer camp activities with the supervision of oncologists and medical staff to ensure their safety.

Hennepin County Medical Center
This grant was funded to purchase a Breast Board for Mammography. It allows doctors at HCMC to more accurately test patients in hopes of detecting earlier stages of breast cancer.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center MRI Spectroscopy of the Ovaries at 3 Tesla
This grant was funded in hopes that the long-term information obtained regarding MRI at an increased magnetic field will educate researchers and doctors about what the difference between normal, benign and malignant tumors look like and how they develop, which will lead to various treatments for ovarian cancer.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center Targeted Therapy Against Malignant Melanoma
This grant was funded for data collection to develop an effective novel combination targeted therapy to create very specific treatments for advanced Melanoma cancer.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center Immunotherapeutic Targeting of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors
This grant was funded to establish a different approach to treating tumors in which the immune system would attack the cancer cells. This approach is far more selective than chemotherapy and would only target the cancer cells. Because this type of cancer is so specific, it's hoped that by finding out more about it will lead to information that will be valuable in developing treatments for other types of cancer.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center Therapeutic Targeting of Tumor Promoting Immune Cells
This grant was funded to continue brain cancer research specific to Glioblastoma brain tumors. Dr. Ohlfest and researchers at the University of Minnesota are developing several experimental therapies for treating the most malignant forms of brain cancer.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center Duel Targeted Multifunctional, Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Brain Tumors
This grant was funded to provide research to develop a new drug therapy for brain cancer which acts to eliminate BTSC, a known protein in brain tumors, and also initiates the body to have an anti-BTSC immune response.

University of Minn. Masonic Cancer Center Engineering of Anti-Cancer Drugs
This grant was funded to take part in the engineering of anti-cancer drugs specific to pancreatic cancer. The grant will help to synthesize and test a new drug designed to treat pancreatic cancer. This new drug would help in eliminating secondary tumors that often develop after the initial tumor was removed.

Children's Health Care Foundation
This grant was funded to continue research of PPB, a rare form of lung cancer that originates in the lungs of children and behaves very different than adult lung cancer. Dr. Yoav Messinger has started collecting data from around the world to develop a database to ensure that all patients are receiving the same protocol. As more information is gathered, doctors all over the world can view which treatments are working and help detect and treat this rare form of childhood cancer.

Fairview Foundation Youth Grief Services
This grant was funded to help the kick off night for Camp Erin, an annual three-day bereavement camp for children ages 6-17 who have experienced the loss of a parent, family member or friend.

North Memorial Foundation Hospice Massage Therapy Program
This grant was funded to aid an additional massage therapist so that more hospice patients can receive a therapeutic massage to ease the pain experienced in the end stages of battling cancer.

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