Akilah empowers women to transform their lives by equipping them with skills, knowledge, and confidence to be leaders and entrepreneurs.

In Round One, we raised nearly $12,000 from 466 donors. Round Two is about raising the most money. If we win, Razoo wil contribute another $10,000 to the Akilah Scholarship fund.

Akilah has conceived a new and holistic model for educating young Rwandan women.

Through intensive training that is highly focused on filling current needs in the Rwandan economy, Akilah students will become leaders and entrepreneurs, empowered and emboldened to make a meaningful and long-lasting impact in their communities. Akilah is focused on elevating the backbone of Rwandan society, its young women, and taking them from poverty and despair to being proud contributors and wage earners.

Watch the above video to meet some of our students and see how Akilah is transforming their lives. Learn more about Akilah at www.AkilahInstitute.org

All 50 students who started at Akilah in February 2010 are in need of a full scholarship. Most of our students come from low income, rural families and cannot afford the tuition to attend Akilah. In addition, many are genocide orphans that care for themselves, as well as family members and other young children. They are bright, motivated students with the potential to excel as leaders in their communities. These young women will earn a two-year diploma in leadership and hospitality studies, and will be prepared to find meaningful employment in the fastest growing sector of the Rwandan economy. With your support, Akilah will be able to provide full scholarships to all 50 students for the 2nd semester, as well as buy new textbooks and classroom supplies.

Our first focus is the development of high quality training programs for the hospitality industry. By providing young women with an intensive curriculum aimed at meeting the current demand for well-trained hospitality professionals in Rwanda, Akilah is ensuring students will graduate career-ready, with highly marketable skills.

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