The goal is to cycle a bit more than 120 miles from Long Beach to the Mexican border to raise funds for Pathways to Independence!

I cherish the independence and freedom I have been blessed with and Thanksgiving is a good time to help another soul find thier path to independence.

Here is more about Pathways to Independence from one of their young women:

Pathways to Independence is a non profit that provides health care, mentorship, therapy, and a complete college education for young woman who come from a traumatized background. The woman often come from history’s of sexual, physical, alcohol or verbal abuse. Essentially, Pathways assumes the role of a parent by providing any need the women have to be successful in graduating and becoming contributing members of society. Pathways has over 300 volunteers from mentors, mechanics, therapists, accountants, to local doctors that volunteer their time and resources. Since it was founded in 1991, Pathways has served hundreds of young women and can proudly say that 80% of women accepted into the program have graduated from college and go on to serve the community. With over 90% of all donations going directly to the clients your support will change a life. Thank you sincerely.

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