Running 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon to Help Children with Disabilities!

I am on my way to training for the one and the only Boston Marathon! I am training with Team Camp Shriver and things are going great. Yes I'll be training straight through the Maine winter OUTSIDE (I'll be dodging black ice and broken ankles this time though!)

So . . . Why Camp Shriver? I have a happy healthy son that is fortunate enough to be able to particpate in all kinds of great summer programs but that just isn't true for all kids. I have seen the benefit to him in having kids of all different kinds of talents and challenges being mainstreamed in his classroom both to those kids and to him as he has a chance to lead and learn that there are many ways to be smart. I want to make sure all children, have a chance to be included, to make friends, and to be accepted by peers wherever they go!

A friend of mine has an autistic child and before I chose this charity to support I asked her what she thought about Camp Shriver and she said the following:

“I have a son with special needs. Children with special needs want to be able to experience as many life experiences that their typical developing peers get to experience as logistically possible. Likewise, their parents need to experience occasional respite from the unique demands that having a special needs child brings to the family. During the year, schools meet these needs, but in the summer there is a gap. Special programming through adapted camps, sports and other programming fills that hole. Such activities that manage to adapt the activity and have the supervision and expertise necessary for children like my son can be very difficult to afford without help, so charities that step in and fill that gap are appreciated more than the donor could imagine.”

WOW right?!

I hope that you will support me in this effort to run another marathon (yes 26.2 miles) and raise funds for this great cause!

Go Team Camp Shriver!

Please give as generously as you can.

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