Support Team JCFS at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

What inspired you to run/walk the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team JCFS?

I have run the marathon for the last five years and every year I choose a different organization/cause to run for, so now that I am a member of JCFS it was the perfect opportunity.

What program are you running/walking for?

Foster Care

How does JCFS Redefine What’s Possible? or Describe one moment when you knew that your work with JCFS made a difference in someone’s life?

Everyday in foster care we see the tiny differences we make. Sometimes we have to clear off our lenses and remember that a baby step is still a step. My team going to the home for home visits and weekly therapy is changing that child’s life every day, because those children know they have someone to count on who is going to show up no matter what. That’s how I know we redefine what’s possible…

What will you be thinking about at mile 20?

I will be looking for the dragon in china town and pinpointing a person in front of me who I will try and catch up to…it keeps me going the last 6

What food will you hunt down after the race to replenish those 2600 calories?

Stir fry and chocolate milk are my go-to’s!

What do you love about running/walking?

It helps me to process through everything that is going on in my life both consciously and subconsciously. I always feel energized after a long run and want to keep going!

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