The McMurray's are once again hosting a Afgahni child in 2012 through Solace For the Children. We must raise at least $4500 this year!

In 2011, we joinded a program that truly changed a little girl's life and our family forever. Nine year old Soniya had severe hearing damage, dental failures, and was in need of general healthcare. Due to the nature of the surgeries on her ear, she was forced to stay much longer than the orginal six weeks - in fact, six weeks turned into nearly 5 months. She went home to her family a happy girl who was not only healthy - all her medical conditions were corrected, her aching teeth were fixed, and she had new pair of eyeglasses - but she had learned a completely new language, had a large group of new friends, and would take back memories and first hand knowledge of peace to share with her family and community.

In 2012, the McMurray's will once again be volunteering to host another child. It appears that we will have Soniya again for additional dental work and follow up on her ear surgeries from last year, but there is a possibility that we would be helping someone completely new.

The people of Afghanistan often go their entire lives without ever seing a doctor or dentist. Their children do not have the everyday luxuries that we take for granted. Many have inconsistent power supply, sleep on floors of their homes, and would never receive life saving immunizations, regular checkups, or even general eye care.

The community surrounding Lake Norman has poured out their support for Solace for the Children for many years. Family doctors, surgeons, ENT's, dentists, and educators all donate their services and time to help these children.

We need your help in raising the funds needed to bring this years group of children from Afghanistan to the Lake Norman area. Please help us out by donating today so that we can continue to change children's lives who would otherwise go without medical care.

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